Student Strike 4 Climate Rally
March 12, 2019

There is no doubt climate change is a significant global concern – and this is particularly so for our young people whose futures face the full extent of a changing climate.

On 15 March thousands of school students are expected to take part in the Student Strike 4 Climate rally across New Zealand to send a loud and clear message to government: take urgent action now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move towards a sustainable future.

At the Sir Peter Blake Trust our purpose is to restart people caring for the environment. All our programmes are aimed at educating young people about the issues our environment faces, including climate change, and developing their confidence and leadership skills to start driving positive change among their peers and communities.

We strongly support young people who are actively engaged in important environmental issues that are impacting their future and who seek ways to make change happen. The momentum building among the world’s young people to come together for this rally, demonstrates just this.

The young organisers of the New Zealand strike, Sophie Hanford and Raven Maeder, have both taken part in our environmental programmes and we are proud to see them achieving in the environmental leadership space.

While its essential that young people pay strong attention to the importance of their education, we also think it’s vital they understand that major issues call for major action. As such, we support the students participating in Student Strike 4 Climate.