Using Sir Peter Blake’s name

BLAKE considers requests for the use of Sir Peter Blake’s name in conjunction with the Blake family.

The right to use the Sir Peter Blake name in association with an organisation, object, place, event, product or service resides with the Blake family (Pippa, Lady Blake and her children, Sarah-Jane and James). In order to provide a mechanism that is fair, transparent and, most importantly, one that results in the most appropriate use of the Sir Peter Blake name, the Blake family has asked that requests are lodged with BLAKE (formerly the Sir Peter Blake Trust). 

BLAKE will, therefore, receive requests via the processes detailed below and will make recommendations to the Blake family for their final approval. Decisions and conditions attached to the use of the name will then be communicated in writing to applicants. Successful applicants will be required to sign an agreement to ensure that these conditions are adhered to:

Appropriate use of the Sir Peter Blake name

It is considered by the Blake family that Sir Peter’s name is most appropriately used in instances where the objectives or characteristics of the organisation, place, product, event, initiative or persons wishing to use the name are identified with or align closely with those of Sir Peter and BLAKE.

Application process – Profit-based entities

BLAKE is also sensitive to the potential for commercial exploitation of Sir Peter’s name. As a consequence, use of the Sir Peter Blake name for obvious commercial gain will be considered separately from the process detailed below on a case by case basis.

All profit-based entities should, in the first instance, contact the Sir Peter Blake Trust CEO, James Gibson on (09) 307 8875.

Application process for not-for-profit organisations

Applicants seeking naming rights or any other use of the name of Sir Peter Blake should complete the application form provided and forward to BLAKE. 

BLAKE will endeavour to reply to you within 60 days from the date the application is first received.

Assessment criteria

Applications will be evaluated by BLAKE in its discretion. To assist BLAKE in making its decision, the application form asks you to describe how your proposal meets all (or some) of the following objectives:

  • Does the proposal have environmental objectives consistent with Sir Peter Blake’s work?
  • Does the proposal have educational goals consistent with Sir Peter Blake’s work?
  • Will the proposal foster the development of young people?
  • Will the proposal further the development of future leaders or leadership skills in New Zealand?
  • Will the proposal encourage the qualities and characteristics of Sir Peter Blake (such as leadership, teamwork, adventure, commitment, tenacity, self-belief, loyalty, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence) in others?
  • Is the organisation and, in particular, its governance and administration, credible and financially secure?
  • Is the organisation consistent with and complementary to the Trust and unlikely to cause controversy?
  • Will the use of the Sir Peter Blake name benefit the audiences and stakeholders of both the organisation and BLAKE?

Please note that BLAKE reserves the right to consider other criteria when considering applications and that BLAKE does not have to accept any applications or give reasons for declining any application request.

Successful applications

If BLAKE wishes to approve your application, recommendations will then be made to the Blake family for a final decision. Successful applicants will then be notified by BLAKE. 

Please note: once an application for use of the Sir Peter Blake name is granted there will be further requirements, namely:

  • That a formal agreement regarding agreed use of the name is signed and,
  • That an annual report will be provided to BLAKE on the activities and achievements of the organisation and/or the named entity.