If we can’t take every child to the ocean, let’s bring the ocean to every child.

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In partnership with New Zealand Geographic, NZ-VR is our school outreach programme that aims to connect thousands of young New Zealanders with the marine environment. Through virtual reality (VR) technology NZ-VR allows students to experience the rich biodiversity that exists below the surface of the ocean, as well as the damage that has been done to the ecosystem.

School roadshows – Auckland and Northland

NZ-VR takes two travelling educators to schools across Northland and Auckland with a class-set of virtual reality headsets to deliver an engaging, inspiring and educational one-hour session to classes on environmental sustainability with a focus on oceans.

Wearing a VR headset, students experience a number of underwater experiences through 360˚ videos that compare and contrast pristine marine environments and damaged ones. They learn about what causes them and what actions can be taken to protect the marine environment.

Students come away from the session with practical actions they can take to help protect the environment and a much deeper sense and understanding of kaitiakitanga.

The content is best suited for Year 7-8 students and these classes will be our priority. We ask for a koha of $290 per day of teaching to help support educator, equipment and transport costs. This is optional but greatly appreciated for the future sustainability of the programme.

“Students were able to see with their own eyes, the toll that pollution and overfishing are having on our marine environment. They explored the concept of Kaitiakitanga; the guardianship of our environment. Our ocean is our future and so they discussed all the things that we could do to protect our oceans so that we can all enjoy them now and in the future.”  – Onehunga High School, 2020

For more information email Alice Ward-Allen at [email protected] or phone (09) 307 8875.

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