Mē ōku whakaaro / our perspective on critical environmental issues

“Why bother? It’s too important not to, for all of us.”
– Sir Peter Blake

Human activity has a direct and lasting impact on the climate and living systems of Earth. Currently, we are taking more than we give back. Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and we all must play a part to reduce the impact. We urgently need to work smarter and faster to solve the climate and ecological crisis and be guardians of the future. But what can we all do? And what does Aotearoa New Zealand need to do collectively to protect New Zealand’s living systems?

At BLAKE our core purpose is to inspire people to lead a sustainable future, which we do through our environmental leadership and communication programmes. But we know inspiration is not enough – we need action.

Our four Environmental Statements:  Climate Change / Huringa āhuarangi; Marine health / Moana; Biodiversity loss / Rerenga rauropi;  and Freshwater  decline/ Wai māori; identify key environmental issues and risks in New Zealand and outline our perspective on the actions we need to take to address the climate and ecological crisis. They inform the content in our programmes and set a baseline from which we communicate.

Click on the statment topics below or download the full PDF version HERE.

Climate change  Huringa āhuarangi

Marine health

Biodiversity loss
Rerenga rauropi

Freshwater decline
Wai māori