Our Story

Sir Peter Blake was New Zealand’s most celebrated yachtsman who led his team and New Zealand to victory in both the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race and the America’s Cup. He was also a passionate and relentless champion for the environment, having spent his life on the ocean.

Following his sailing career he turned his focus to helping protect the environment and raising awareness of the issues it faces by voyaging to “environmental pulse points of the planet” and sharing what he discovered. Onboard his exploration vessel, Seamaster, Peter  and his crew visited Antarctica to look at the impacts of climate change, and then to the Amazon to look at the impacts of deforestation.

Tragically, Sir Peter was killed while carrying out this work. His death cut short his vision to inspire millions of people around the world to care more about the environment and take action to protect it.

The Sir Peter Blake Trust (BLAKE) was established in 2004 and is dedicated to continuing his environmental leadership legacy.

Our Plan

In 2018 BLAKE embarked on a renewed strategy – to focus on environmental leadership, especially with the country’s youth.

Each year BLAKE aims to inspire thousands of young New Zealanders to care for the environment through activities and adventures that encourage environmental awareness and leadership, and instill a deeper sense of kaitiakitanga within them.

Like Sir Peter Blake, at the core of all BLAKE’s programmes and events are a spirit of adventure, participation and exploration.

BLAKE Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024

In Sir Peter’s final log on board Seamaster he wrote:

“We want to restart people caring for the environment…through adventure, through participation, through education and through enjoyment.” 

These visionary words now guide BLAKE in its role: to inspire and prepare people to lead a sustainable future for Aotearoa.

Watch our 2023 year in review

Onboard Seamaster with Sir Peter Blake