Adam Nachowitz

Victoria University

Adam is in his second year at Victoria University of Wellington, pursuing a conjoint degree in Biology and Classical Voice, with a minor in Applied Physics. He has a keen interest in research, especially in animal biology and immunology as it relates to climate change. Adam has a longstanding interest in the environment and sustainable living practices. Adam has participated in a number of ecological restoration projects in Waikato’s wetland areas, and since 2015, Adam volunteered with the Hamilton City Council to coordinate a native plant restoration project in a local Hamilton gully. For this work, Adam was recognised by Volunteering Waikato with a special commendation for the 2019 Youth Volunteer of the Year awards. In 2019, Adam was Environment Captain at his high school, during which he received a grant to develop and teach DIY sustainable practices to neighbouring primary and intermediate schools, a programme that is being integrated into the portfolio of future environment captains. Adam has also been involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award Scheme; he completed Bronze and Silver levels, and is currently working towards his Gold award. Adam believes environmental and social justice are intrinsically linked, and has been a regular volunteer for Amnesty International, founding an Amnesty group while he was at middle school, and leading the high school Amnesty group for four years. Adam is also a keen tramper, dancer, musician, and enjoys cooking gourmet meals. Adam attended BLAKE Inspire in 2019, and is thrilled to join the Kermadec Island expedition; he is excited to work with and learn from scientists, navy personnel, and fellow students.