Alice McCullough

A keen hiker, diver, artist and conservationist, Alice grew up in a seaside village just out of Nelson, surrounded by diverse natural landscapes at her doorstep. Here she gained a real love and appreciation for Aotearoa’s natural playground.

Her passion for biodiversity, earth sciences and education drew her to studying a Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Otago, and she is now studying a Masters in Marine Biology at Victoria University of Wellington. Alice’s sense of adventure has led her to undertaking coral reef dive surveys in Thailand, hiking in the Andes, and on multi-day kayaking expeditions around parts of New Zealand’s coastline.

Due to being an outdoor explorer and a environmental advocate, Sir Peter Blake has been one of her main role models since the day she watched him defend the America’s Cup. She is honoured to be selected as a BLAKE Ambassador and is looking forward to educating and inspiring others on the wonders of Tangaroa and Papatūānuku while sharing the legacy that Sir Peter has created.