Annette Fale

BLAKE leader 2007

CEO of First Foundation.

Annette Fale was recognised as a Blake Leader for her work with young people in New Zealand. In 2001 Annette became general manager of The Halogen Foundation, an organisation dedicated to inspiring and influencing a generation of young people to recognise their leadership potential. Through the foundation, Annette led the annual National Young Leaders Days. The National Young Leaders Days have now become the largest event of their kind in New Zealand with more than 100,000 students and adults attending since they began.

Annette has extensive involvement in the community and has a particular affinity with Pacific Island groups. She initiated the Women of the Pacific Charitable Trust to inspire, motivate and equip women of the Pacific in New Zealand. She also worked closely with World Vision New Zealand for eight years, and helped manage events engaging New Zealand artists in support of the organisation.

Annette is equally passionate about leadership on a personal level. She believes in creating an environment in this country where all school-age children have the opportunity to be encouraged and inspired in this area. In 2015 Annette worked for the Sir Peter Blake Trust in the leadership team before moving into the CEO role at the First Foundation –