Ben Lennard

Position: NIWA Electronics, Software and IT support

Even new technology can fail for an Electronics guy.  I bought a new phone before the holidays, and a mate texted me.  I was in Napier at the time, and meant to send “Hey, I’m in Napier right now.”  My new phone didn’t understand “Napier” and replaced it with “nappies”.  My next message was “NAPIER! NAPIER!  I MEANT NAPIER!!”, to which his reply was “ROFL”.

I’ve been working at NIWA since 2007. Before that I was lecturing in electronics engineering at Massey uni. One of my favourite things about working at NIWA is that not many people get to see the remote places that I’ve been to. It’s also not just a 9-5 office job. We get decent money too.

My favourite voyage was to Antarctica where we spent six weeks at sea. It was a great chance to see what many other people don’t get to see!

For any people interested in pursuing a job in electronics or software engineering, don’t do it!!! Just kidding, study hard and get a good tertiary degree! It is worth it!