Bhakti Patel

Position: BLAKE Programme Manager/photographer and videographer

I once bought a super nice but also expensive handbag. One of my academic colleagues decided it was so ridiculous that he started drawing handbags on my fish diagrams that I was supposed to demonstrate to the class! Not only that, but he started transforming the fish he caught into handbags and sending me pictures of his “free” handbags that he had made.

I’ve been with BLAKE for 3 years. Before that I was a marine biology technician at the University of Auckland for 5 years. I organise and run the environmental education programs at BLAKE. On this voyage I’ve also been taking heaps of photos and videos and come across as a professional nap artist…

My favourite thing about the job is working in a field that I am passionate about, the ocean, while also inspiring young people to be passionate about the ocean. This has been my favourite voyage. I’m a total fish nerd and this was the perfect trip to learn all the weird and wonderful things about fish, especially deep-sea fish!

For future BLAKE ambassadors, scientists and environmental educators, take any opportunity as you see them. Even if you’re not confident, you gotta be in it to win it! Follow a career path that you want! I got out of the dairy-owning business and became a marine scientist. Don’t listen to your parents!

Below: Bhakti with a King crab.

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