Chris Quin

BLAKE Leader 2010

CEO Foodstuffs North Island Ltd.

Chris Quin has been Chief Executive – Telecom Retail, and is currently Chief Executive – Foodstuffs North Island Ltd.

In 2004, Chris drove Telecom’s acquisitions of IT services companies, Gen-i and Computerland to form the new business known as Gen-i. In leading the merger of these three previously competing teams, he helped transform what was essentially a start-up within the Telecom Group into one of New Zealand’s leading ICT service providers.

Chris realised that the success of Gen-i had to be founded on the strength of its 3,000 employees. To achieve this, he first had to bring together a melting pot of companies each with an individual culture and processes in order to create one cohesive organisation based on strong values. ‘Project Fusion’ was his response to this challenge, and employees throughout the organisation were involved in creating the common values they wished to retain and cultivate in the new company.

Chris’s emphasis on developing people and a strong team behaviours continues today. Chris’s leadership style is based on action and example; his extraordinary drive and commitment inspires those around him and his personal integrity and honesty shapes the culture of the organisation from the top down.

Chris gives his time as a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Innovation and as a mentor for OMEGA, an initiative which addresses the engagement of skilled immigrants to address workplace shortages.He is also a board member of THE ICEHOUSE, a former Trustee of the Marram Trust and actively involved with developing KartSport in New Zealand.