Ella Knobloch

Ella is currently studying towards her Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry and Environmental science at the University of Canterbury. She was drawn to study this through her love for both science and the outdoors.

Passionate about making sustainability a conversation everyone can be a part of, Ella has helped to set up initiatives such as UC for Climate for people to learn about the climate crisis and help to do their part.

She will jump at any opportunity for an adventure, and can be found tramping or at the beach in her spare time. She also loves finding new ways to reduce her personal footprint by making her own milk, bread and beauty products and re-purposing old clothing.

Ultimately, Ella is aiming to be an atmospheric and climate scientist to help understand the role our atmosphere plays in the environment and our future. She is humbled to be selected as a BLAKE NIWA Ambassador and can’t wait to further her learning and share her experiences, hoping to inspire others to pursue environmental science.