Emeline Afeaki-Mafile’o

BLAKE Leader 2006

Chief Executive, Affirming Works.

Emeline is the founder of Affirming Works Ltd, an innovative social service organisation developed in Manukau City. The company delivers mentoring programmes across all school levels based on the Model of Pacific Collective Mentoring, working with up to 400 young people per year.

Her work in this area has led to the establishment of a second company called Fofola Consultancy Ltd, which contributes to policy development and played a vital part towards the Pacific Youth Development Strategy for Auckland. The company has extended its services to the South Pacific nations, and has a vision and strategy to work with all Pacific peoples across the globe.

In addition to these two organisations, Emeline also takes a leadership role in the Pacific community serving in an advisory capacity. These roles have included: Community Advisor to the Minister of Pacific Island Affairs, Member of the National Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Social Development, and to the Youth Court by the Youth Court Pacific Liaison Service, and as a Pacific representative on the Youth Mentoring Association.