Hiromi Beran

Position: BLAKE Ambassador

One time we were sorting fish into the dills on the ship. A scientist and I were in charge of the same couple of dills and it became a friendly competition to see who could sort the most fish. A hoki came along and slipped under my hands and the un-named scientist grabbed it – staring me in the face the entire time – and flung it into the dill where it slid with excessive force straight into another scientist who was collecting the fish below.

EDIT FROM AUTHOR: it was Heather and it hit the groin.

I’ve been working with NIWA for 28 days – just for the voyage! I study at Victoria University Doing a conjoint degree in science and arts, studying marine biology and statistics on the science side and Spanish and creative writing on the arts side. As a BLAKE ambassador I learn lots, have assisted with at-sea data collection (dissection in the wet lab and fisheries acoustics) and write fun articles about fish!

My favourite thing about the voyage is seeing and learning about all of the awesome deep-sea creatures. Also meeting lots of amazing people and being at sea – because it is great!!! This is my favourite voyage! It’s the longest I’ve ever been at sea and I’ve really enjoyed it!

For budding BLAKE Ambassadors, definitely apply – even if you think it’s a complete shot in the dark! Trust yourself and ask lots of questions – make the most of all of it! I most definitely recommend the BLAKE ambassador program because it is an amazing experience and you get to learn about lots of different aspects of science and scientific research such as how it’s carried out in the field. It opens opportunities in the future, and you meet lots of awesome people.