Inka Pleiss

University of Auckland

Inka is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Auckland, majoring in Marine Science and Geography, with a module in Sustainability, aspiring to one day pursue research and tertiary teaching for marine conservation.

She has been awarded an Excellence in Geography award by the Auckland branch of the New Zealand Geographical Society for her 2020 results in Geography and the First in Course Award for Marine 100. She is passionate about sustainability, with a particular interest in the fight against plastic pollution. In her spare time, Inka has helped organise beach clean ups, started a petition against plastic wrap on exams, and is currently discussing a borrow and return reusable food container system with various institutions. Inka dreams of a future where rivers run clean, native flora and fauna can be spotted in every neighbourhood and the oceans are protected, and it is her intention to inspire and encourage as many people as possible to partake in this dream to help turn it into reality.

Inka attended BLAKE Inspire (formerly YELF)  in 2018 and journeying with BLAKE once again, this time to the Kermadec Islands, is a dream come true for her. She can’t wait to connect with her fellow crew members and experts on board, and to share her experiences with friends, family, colleagues and strangers upon her return.