Jenny Ann Sweatman

BLAKE NIWA Ambassador - Aquaculture

I’m Jenny Ann and I’m currently a Masters student at Massey University. My research is on the Long-spined sea urchin in north-east New Zealand and Rangitāhua. This urchin has the potential to damage our ecosystem and fisheries. My research will help us understand its population history and demography and begin to inform what we might need to do to manage it. I love doing anything outdoors and in the ocean like tramping, surfing and snorkelling. I’m quite a creative person and enjoy doing art, in particular painting the creatures of the ocean. I hope my art can share passion for the ocean and help to educate people. I’ll be sharing some art inspired my BLAKE NIWA Ambassadorship. I’m very passionate about using research, education and advocacy to restore and protect our moana. I want to ensure we have a healthy ocean for future generations.