Justin Vaughan

BLAKE leader 2007

Group Manager Benefits & Provider Relations for NIB, Sydney.

Justin Vaughn was the Chief Executive of New Zealand Cricket and has served in a number of leadership capacities in his chosen sport including as a captain of the Auckland Cricket team and as a member of the board for both Auckland and New Zealand cricket. He has also been a New Zealand representative as a player.

Dr Vaughan graduated from Auckland Medical School in 1991 and remains involved in roles related to healthcare. He was the Chief Executive of BrainZ Instruments Ltd, an ASX-listed medical technology company. He completed an MBA at the University of Otago in 2003 and has served on the University’s Business School Board of Advisors. Justin has a desire for personal challenge as shown through his diverse range of achievements. He is driven to outstanding performance through a combination of passion, enthusiasm, work ethic and a continuous thirst for new knowledge. As a leader he is inclusive and empathetic. Justin’s communication skills are highly regarded and his ability to translate complex concepts into readily understood language is one of his key attributes. Overall, his wide range of skills, broad set of achievements and exceptional character means he is (just as in his cricket days) a real all-rounder.

In 2012 Justin took on a Clinical Advisor role for Southern Cross Healthcare and in 2013 moved to Australia to become Group Manager Benefits and Provider Relations at NIB.