Kelly Porima


Kelly Porima is the science teacher at Fairfield Intermediate School – a big multicultural school based in Hamilton. In 2022 Kelly joined the BLAKE inspire for teachers programme. She left this programme inspired and ready to create an impact in her community. Kelly has since planned and successfully held three science booster holiday courses for year eight students, better preparing them before beginning high school and raising money for Kids in Need Waikato.

She holds a Bachelor of Teaching (primary) and a Bachelor of Science majoring in biodiversity and ecology. Kelly has also volunteered for six months in a rural school in Fiji, helping to boost the reading and writing standards in a small village community. With these learnings she has been able to cater to the needs that are presented in her multi-cultural and differing socio-economical schooling community. Kelly provides her students with a real hands-on learning experience that enables them to explore and gain an interest in basic science concepts and ideas.