Kelsey ‘Squiggle-dig’ Robertshaw

Position: 3rd year Student at Bangor University and student intern from Bangor at NIWA

I touched a head appendage of a ghost shark without gloves because I was told it would feel like Velcro… It did not. [insert picture of head appendage].

I’m working with NIWA on a 9-month internship which started in October. I get to do a lot of things while I’m here including fisheries science and biological processing of fish on this voyage!

I like meeting new scientists who do a variety of different things because I want to be a scientist after uni, and this exposes me to what I could potentially do. I also like being challenged to do new things. My favourite voyage was on the Prince Madog cruise at uni in Wales. We did SPM, environmental data sampling,  ADCP, Chlorophyll sampling, plankton sampling and secchi disk to understand water clarity. That was fun because we went out with all the other students. The night before most of the students got drunk and couldn’t do the work the next day so I got to help with all the work. This is my first NIWA voyage!!! I can also say I went whale watching in Wales!

If you like being challenged and you like working hard this is a great path for you!!!

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