Louise Anaru

BLAKE Leader 2013

Principal, Flaxmere College.

Louise Anaru has led the transformation of an underperforming low-decile school to one that is achieving extraordinary results.

When Louise first came to Flaxmere College, as a first-time principal in 2010, the achievement results for the students were poor. Undaunted by the challenge, Louise immediately set a course of positive change, by taking a bold and transparent approach to leadership, which resulted in a significant culture shift within the school’s management team.

Louise’s philosophy stemmed from her belief that improvement in overall achievement can only be made by increasing the performance of every child and leading by example. This approach nurtured a sense of belief in previously poor performers and the results have been remarkable. Achievement levels have doubled during her tenure.

Driven by a strong sense of moral purpose and a belief that she could make a difference, Louise has become an inspiration to educators nationwide. Through the Knowledge Academy, Louise shares her stories of success with online leadership videos and articles that motivate others to follow in her footsteps.

Her input and presence in the community is highly sought after, including working with the local police force in staff interviewing processes, involvement in community Pasifika and Māori networks, and other community groups.

The Ministry of Education Taskforce is using Louise’s model of leadership as a case study for other schools to increase the results for more children throughout New Zealand.