Matt Watson

BLAKE Leader 2014

Sustainable NZ fisherman & Ocean Advocate.

Matt Watson is a courageous and respected New Zealand television fishing personality, who is passionate about our oceans, the preservation of New Zealand fish stocks and demonstrating sustainable practices.

Today Matt is still the host and producer of the show that he started, ‘ITM Fishing Show’, having made more than 250 episodes that have screened around the world, via broadcast deals with Animal Planet and Discovery channels, while also having made memorable appearances on international talk shows such as David Letterman.

Matt always had a yearning to share his passion for the ocean, and its inhabitants, and he knew he had to reach this audience through television. With no experience in TV, Matt borrowed money and started his own production company, surrounding himself with people who shared his passion for fishing and together they relied on passion and creative thinking, rather than experience, to create The ITM Fishing Show.

Matt has used his public profile to inform New Zealanders about the conservation of our resources, ensuring that we protect our oceans for future generations to enjoy. Matt established in 2012 to reduce waste of our precious seafood resources, clean up beaches and provide a free meal of fish to families all over New Zealand.