Pluto Liu

Marine Biologist

Pluto (She/They) is a PhD student in marine science at the University of Otago. They are using genomic methods to study the connectivity of kelp populations around the Southern Ocean, and modelling if they will reach Antarctica in the warming future.

Pluto had a Bachelor of Science and Arts degree in Zoology and Geography, and a Bachelor of Science with Honours degree in Ecology. In their honours project, they focused on compiling existing genetic data from previous studies of terrestrial species in Antarctica for phylogeographic analyses in order to understand broad-scale diversity patterns of terrestrial Antarctica ( Pluto also has research experience in studying freshwater macroinvertebrate community to examine freshwater quality and disturbance, with expertise in taxonomic identification. Pluto has been involved in teaching/demonstrating undergraduate papers at the University of Otago since 2020, and they enjoy using creative methods to develop interests and enthusiasm of students.