Qiujing Wong

BLAKE Leader 2012

Founder of Borderless Productions.

Qiujing Wong co-founded Borderless Productions in 2006 with a passion to create positive, economic, social and environmental change. Shas a genius for turning her vision into real action and inspiring social change by addressing some of society’s most difficult issues through film.

The award winning company, which has produced innovative films and campaigns in New Zealand (and around the world), has grown into a formidable organisation which constantly pushes the boundaries and demonstrates leadership.

Her drive is illustrated in initiatives she involves herself in, including Be. Accessible, a social movement already proving to effect change for New Zealanders who live with a disability. She was also part of the development of the Telecom Foundation’s brand and campaign.

Qiujing has shared her passion for filmmaking and positive social change through her roles as a mentor and lecturer to students of all ages through a variety of organisations including Leadership NZ, University of Auckland and the First Foundation.

In 2006, she was awarded the Carolyn Stolman Humanitarian Award in California for her work on A Grandmother’s Tribe, a film and campaign with the goal to raise awareness and support for grandmothers in sub-Saharan Africa who raise the 14-18 million orphaned grandchildren left behind after losing their own parents to HIV/AIDs. This led to 11 homes being built, schools fees paid, a farm purchased for grandmothers and on-going commitment to education of children.