Sam Hazledine

BLAKE Leader 2014

CEO & Owner, MedRecruit Limited.

Sam Hazledine is a New Zealand author, speaker, extreme skiing champion and doctor, whose medical recruitment service, MedRecruit, is helping ensure that healthcare providers, across New Zealand and Australia, are connected with well-trained, qualified medical staff to ensure the very best patient care.

Today, MedRecruit has both Queenstown and Australian offices and, via its unique service, hundreds of doctors throughout Australasia, have their life, career and financial goals met, while hospitals and clinics are provided with the certainty of retaining great staff and practitioners are providing the best possible care to their patients.

As a junior doctor Sam noticed that a quarter of New Zealand medical graduates were leaving New Zealand hospitals and clinics within three years of graduation. With no business experience, but a determination to change the status quo, Sam built MedRecruit, a company designed to meet the needs of graduated doctors and their lifestyles.

Away from work Sam is deeply committed to giving back, helping young people and changing lives, both here in New Zealand and in South Sudan, through the Hazledine Foundation. Sam is also contributing back to the wider community through the release of his first book – which was drafted from the experience of starting his own business – while at the same time maintaining a website where he provides free resources to small business owners.

In 2012 Sam was named Ernst & Young Young Entrepreneur of the Year.