Sir Anand Satyanand

Sir Anand Satyanand began a connection with BLAKE during his time as New Zealand’s 19th Governor-General between 2006 and 2011.  In that role, he undertook the task of conferring medals and awards at functions held at Government House. After concluding office and returning to ordinary community activities, the BLAKE connection he had formed with Sir Ron Carter and Sir Chris Mace, in particular, led to an invitation for him to join the judging panel and to add his knowledge of many aspects of New Zealand life.  He has been able to do this for a number of years, even if not every one, and has provided continuity as people involved, including as Chair, have rotated off and been replaced by new people.  Sir Anand has a legal background and worked as a lawyer and judge in Auckland before shifting to Wellington in 1995 when appointed by Parliament as an ombudsman.  He continues to live with his wife Susan in Wellington and undertakes a number of different activities in semi-retirement, in a number of parts of the country, ranging from being Chancellor of the University of Waikato and President of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, to being Patron of the New Zealand Rugby League, the Wellington Jazz Club, and Commonwealth Youth New Zealand.

Sir Anand returned to the BLAKE Awards Selection Panel in 2020.