Tim Alpe

BLAKE Leader 2014

Co-Founder and CEO of Jucy.

Tim Alpe is a dynamic New Zealand business leader, renowned for his ability to engage and motivate teams to achieve outstanding results.

Tim is the Chief JUCYFIER (aka CEO) and co-founder of JUCY, a global tourism company operating car and campervan rentals, JUCY cruise, JUCY budget accommodation, the JUCY by Design manufacturing division and New Zealand’s only car share business, CityHop. The JUCY Group has more than 240 staff across New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the UK and US. Tim shares the helm with his brother and co-founder, Dan Alpe, who heads up the operations side of the business.

Tim has proved himself as a leader in business and is also an astute user of social media and next generation technology solutions. Tim knows how to create a brand that engages and resonates with his customers, and JUCY’s strong presence on social networks is testament to his ability to create strong, customer-focused content.

Tim also invests his time into building future New Zealand business leaders, through his involvement with the Young Enterprise Trust.