Tim O’Connor

BLAKE Leader 2007

Headmaster, Auckland Grammar.

Tim O’Connor was Rector (Headmaster) of Palmerston North Boys High School since 2003. During his tenure the school developed a number of significant initiatives which has seen the school become a leader in education in the country.

Tim implemented a specific leadership programme at the school, initiated a teacher mentoring programme and other innovations such as a Futures Group, and a staff vision day. He was awarded a Woolf Fisher Fellowship in 2006 for educational excellence in teaching.

Tim set very high standards for the school and has become a strong advocate for boys’ education. The school has around 1,500 students and 100 staff and its results have been significant, achieving 75 scholarships in 2006 and attracting a great deal of attention as an innovative and leading organisation in the education sector. Tim also took on leadership roles in the wider community with regard to truancy services in the Manawatu, the Manawatu Community High School and three alternative education centres in the region.

In 2014 Tim moved to Auckland to take up the role of Headmaster at Auckland Grammar School.