Wednesday Davis

BLAKE DOC Ambassador - Hoiho and Rāpoka

Kia ora! My name is Wednesday, I am a 5th-year student from the University of Auckland currently working towards my Masters of Science in Marine Science. Originally from Mount Maunganui, I am an avid diver and love being in, on and around the water and love sharing my passion for environmental conservation, research and education with others. During my studies, I have worked as an Assistant Aquarist at Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium and have recently completed a Summer Internship with Auckland Council’s RIMU department. I am actively involved in volunteering and love helping out with environmental work in my community.

This summer, I will be joining the Department of Conservation and the Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust in Dunedin and the Catlin’s to work alongside leading conservationists to carry out health checks, tagging and monitoring of hoiho (Yellow-Eyed Penguins) and rāpoka (NZ Sealion). This ambassadorship will provide me with a unique opportunity to assist with monitoring, management and advocacy for these endemic species. As an emerging scientist, I am looking forward to developing my hands-on science skills and sharing my adventures and the critters I meet with my peers and the public to encourage environmental awareness and exploration through science communication.