BLAKE Expeditions
Auckland Islands 2014

In 2014 delegates travelled to the Auckland Islands on board HMNZS Wellington to work with scientists, environmental leaders and experts, to understand the global significance of the Southern Ocean & Sub-Antarctic Islands and the role they play in understanding and monitoring the effects of climate change.

The Auckland Islands are New Zealand’s southernmost islands and are of significant ecological and historical importance to our nation. They include the Snares, Auckland Islands, Campbell Islands, Bounty Islands and Antipodes Islands. These islands support a huge amount of biodiversity for the surrounding ocean. Marine Animals use these Islands as a place to breed and rest.


The Auckland Islands sit on the Campbell plateau, which was part of the submerged continent Zealandia which became submerged around 25 million years ago.

The Auckland Islands are the largest of the five Islands groups and are made up of the remains of two ancient shield volcanoes which have been subsequently carved away by glaciers leaving deep glacial valleys and a series of long inlets on the eastern coast while the Southern ocean has eroded the southern and western coasts exposing towering cliffs. There are two main islands, Auckland Island and Adams Island with a number of surrounding smaller islands including Disappointment Island, Enderby Island, Dundas, Ewing and Figure of Eight Island. There are two harbours, Port Ross in the north-east and Carnley Harbour in the south.

“We’ve all returned home richer for having experienced the magnificance of the Auckland Islands, and for having played our part in continuing Sir Peter Blake’s legacy.”

– Hamish Lilley, 2014 BLAKE Expeditions Voyager

Meet our 2014 student voyagers

Ben Richards


Elizabeth Huang


Hamish Lilley


Isabella Brown



Jed Long



Jessica Jenkins



Katrina Jensen


Mania Oxenham


Mitchell Chandler


Samantha Kingsbury



Tremayne Reid



Meet our 2014 crew

Gary Wilson

Expedition Leader & Scientific Project Director

Hannah Prior

Chief Operating Officer

Haley McCrystal Coe

Strategic Projects and Partnerships Manager

Don Robertson

Chief Operating Officer

Sir Chris Mace



Sarah Trotman

BLAKE Leader 

Rachel Taulelei

BLAKE Leader

Janice Lord

Botanist, University of Otago

Emily Tidey

University of Otago

Greg Leonard

University of Otago

Hamish Hooper

Cameraman / Editor

Mark Orams

Expedition Leader