BLAKE Inspire for Teachers 2021

In July 2021, 30 teachers took part in BLAKE Inspire for Teachers. The programme offers delegates hands-on, experiential learning and leadership development opportunities through a range of field trips, workshops and exercises with a focus on four critical environmental issues: climate change, biodiversity loss, marine and freshwater decline.

The group visited Sawmill Brewery to hear about theirsustainable business practices and B-Corporation certification; and got to participate in a plankton tow off Murrays Bay wharf and experience the variety of microscopic life it revealed in the area, as well as fresh water testing in Centennial Park stream. They enjoyed a session with BLAKE Kaihautu Māori Manager Leigh Takirau where they gained an understanding of Mātauranga Māori by exploring how connections and relationships, living, and non-living are made through Tikanga.

Teachers come away from the programme with practical ways to understand and teach environmental issues across all subjects and learn how to create action plans to increase emphasis on conservation and sustainability within their schools. In 2022 we’ll be expanding BLAKE Inspire for Teachers to accommodate up to 60 teachers.

“Thank you for the incredible opportunity, I’m very grateful! The speakers, field trips, topics, management and staff have been incredible. It’s great to be in the role of the student, to be inspired and well taken care of. It’s also been very special to be connected to like minded people. My brain is overloaded and my cup is full. I’m excited to take on a new challenge next term by teaching a biodiversity unit.”

– BLAKE Inspire for Teachers 2021 delegate.