BLAKE Inspire for Teachers 2023

In 2023, 82 teachers took part in three BLAKE Inspire for Teachers programmes. This offered teachers hands-on, experiential learning and leadership development opportunities through a range of field trips, workshops and exercises. The programme covers critical environmental issues like climate change, biodiversity loss and decline in freshwater and marine quality due to pollution.

The groups visited Sawmill Brewery to hear about their sustainable business practices and B-Corporation certification, participated in plankton tows off Murrays Bay wharf and freshwater testing in Centennial Park stream. Teachers also enjoyed a session where they gained an understanding of mātauranga Māori by exploring how connections and relationships are made through tikanga.

Teachers come away from the programme with practical ways to understand and teach environmental issues across all subjects and learn how to create action plans to increase emphasis on conservation and sustainability within their schools.

“It’s the best teacher professional development I’ve had in many years of teaching. So inspiring and refreshing. I love the new knowledge I’ve gained and the great connections and contacts I’ve made with people who are on the same journey. Thank you so much to all the wonderful BLAKE staff and their friends/experts who so generously shared your knowledge with us. I also loved how everything was run in such a relaxed but efficient manner. Ngā mihi nui ”

– BLAKE Inspire for Teachers 2023 delegate. 

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