Frequently Asked Questions

How do I nominate a student from our school?

Nominating is easy. You simply CLICK HERE and complete an online form. It only takes a few minutes.

What is the nomination criteria?

We are looking for students who show commitment to leading positive change in their community that leads to a sustainable future for Aotearoa. This could be a student who has taken action to achieve a goal in their school or community, a student who embodies the school values or someone following in Sir Peter Blake’s footsteps. We know that leadership can have different meanings for different people so it is up to your school to identify who that special student is.

How many students can I nominate from our school?

Only one student from your school can be nominated each year. Please note that as a charity we are unable to accept multiple nominations, regardless of the circumstances. We understand that it can be tough to select just one student and BLAKE are happy to make that call for your school if we receive multiple nominations.

What Year level is the BLAKE Young Leader Award presented to?

Years 5 – 8.

Can I nominate a student from outside Years 5 – 8?

No. The BLAKE Young Leader Award is specifically designed for Year 5 – 8 students. If you have younger students you think are deserving of an award, perhaps keep them in mind for future years!

Is there a cost to schools?

No. Thanks to our partnership with Westpac, there is no cost for schools to participate in the BLAKE Young Leader Award programme.

What happens once I’ve nominated a student?

Once you’ve nominated a student you’ll receive an automated email confirming your nomination. We’ll then be in touch with you again after nominations close on 20 July confirming next steps. Closer to the time, you’ll also hear directly from your local Westpac branch representative to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for the Award presentation.

Who presents the BLAKE Young Leader Award?

Your local Westpac branch representative will visit your school to present the Award. They will be in contact with you beforehand to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for the presentation.

What date do we receive the prize pack?

This depends on what delivery option you choose in the nomination form. You can either have the prize pack delivered directly to your school, or delivered directly to the Westpac branch. Prize packs will be delivered at the end of August. If you choose to have it delivered to the Westpac branch, their representative will bring it along on the day of presentation.

When do presentations take place?

The BLAKE Young Leader presentations take place throughout the month of September. Your Westpac branch representative will liaise directly with you to confirm a mutual date and time in September to present the Award.

What does the student receive as a BLAKE Young Leader Awardee?

They receive a great prize pack! This includes a personalised certificate, a medal, a BLAKE t-shirt, a BLAKE pin and a pair of lucky red socks!

When do nominations close?

Tuesday 20 July 2021.

Where can I refer people to find this information?